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  • Permanent NdFeB Magnet Permanent NdFeB magnet is composed of Nd, Fe, B and other few minor elements., it can be supplied in kinds of shapes such as rings, blocks and other custom made magnet. As the Neo magnet is the most powerful rare earth magnet up to now and regarded as the King of permanent magnets. Nowdays, the Neo magnet are under a very fast development and wide application, such as permanent magnet DC motors, hi-fi stero systems, magnetic separator, etc ...
  • SmCo Magnet (Samarium Cobalt Magnet) Permanent SmCo magnet is a powerful, rare earth magnet, which is mainly made of samarium, cobalt and iron. Although the material provides lower magnetic force than neodymium type, it has higher temperature ratings and higher coercivity. It is available in various simple shapes for users to choose from, like ring, block and disc.
    Featuring strong magnetic strength, high demagnetization resistance and good ...
  • Aluminum Nickel Cobalt Magnet (Alnico Magnet) This material is manufactured by pouring the molten alnico alloy into a mold. After solidification, it undergoes rough grinding, heat treatment and cooling processes. The material is anisotropic when it is treated in a magnetic field. This results in the material taking on maximum magnetization and allows a higher gauss level. When not treated in a magnetic field, the alnico is isotropic. The material can be ground to specific tolerances and magnetized after heat treatment and cooling ...
  • Permanent Ferrite MagnetThe permanent ferrite magnet, also known as ceramic magnet, is composed of iron and barium or strontium oxides. It is charcoal gray in color and usually offered in the form of discs, rings, blocks, cylinders, etc. With high coercivity and high remanence after magnetization, the material is also very cheap. Hence, the ceramic magnet is widely used in many applications. It is usually found in magnetic assemblies designed for lifting, holding, retrieving, and separating purposes ...
  • Motor MagnetMost of them are classified as radially magnetized magnets.
    The product with special shapes can be manufactured through open moulding or clamping process, meeting the requirements of our customers.
    In most cases, it is used by DC motors.
  • Sensor MagnetSensor can be divided into many types, among which Hall/inductive sensor and magnetic sensor will utilize the magnetic products mainly containing aluminum, nickel, cobalt magnets, etc. The sensor magnet has a high demand on its induction instead of magnetism. It is generally magnetized through the thickness. As for the shape, it is basically cylinder shape.
    With the development of auto industry, more and more sensors began to adopt samarium cobalt or NdFeB magnet.
  • Speaker MagnetThe speaker magnet basically adopts iron oxides. Our company is capable of supplying iron oxides whose diameters range from 32mm to 340mm. To ensure the perfect sound of speaker, the iron oxides with superior magnetic performance should be selected and they commonly don't need to be magnetized.
    Currently, the speaker is becoming smaller and smaller, so some speakers also began to utilize the neodymium iron boron magnet which comes in two shapes including disc and ring.
  • Magnetic AssembliesWe is your ideal choice for magnetic assemblies. The magnetic assemblies include permanent magnetic lifter, magnetic filter, magnetic hooks, magnetic button, as well as other components such as steel housing or even non-magnetic components. By using of adhesive technology, these components are incorporated together. So, the selection of all components and adhesive is quite significant, depending greatly upon the application and environmental conditions. Our company can help you to select them.

We mainly provide permanent NdFeB, SmCo, Alnico and Ferrite Magnet and the like, for the areas such as electrical equipment, instruments, acoustic products, numerous computer peripherals and the like. Having received the ISO9001 certificate enables us to provide high quality products, so you can feel secure to use our products.