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We is a manufacturer of permanent magnets, which including NdFeB magnet, SmCo Magnet, Alnico Magnet and Ferrite magnet. We can produce the magnet in various shapes, such as disc magnets, ring magnets, rectangle magnet, arc magnets and some other special shaped magnets. We can also offer a variety of different coating suited to the environments of the Neo magnets, such as nickel, zinc, expoy, tin, chrome, silver, gold. Currently our products are widely used in electronics, electrical machinery, medical equipment, etc.

Our production base is located in Anji city, Zhejiang province, covering 110 arces. Our advantageous relationship with the CAS institute of physics, enables us to provide our products with high quality, based on the most advanced technology and materials available. At present,.we can manufacture N52 and N38EH Neo magnet, it is already closed to the top Neodymium magnets that made by Japan and USA.

Since the beginning of 2002, and especially with the foundation of our Overseas Sales Department in 2005, our company has experienced a rapid development. The turnover of the sales department exceeded 5 million dollars in 2008 and doubled in 2011.

Keeping the principle that the customer comes first and quality is key to success, we focus on developing and expanding the overseas market. We have enjoyed advantageous transportation and convenient communication network. We make quick and economic delivery around the global come true, which benefits both the customers and ourselves. Nowadays, our products have exported to Asia, Europe and America and enjoyed well reputation.

Main Products
  • Permanent NdFeB Magnet Permanent NdFeB magnet is composed of Nd, Fe, B and other few minor elements., it can be supplied in kinds of shapes such as rings, blocks and other custom made magnet. As the Neo magnet is the most powerful rare earth magnet up to now and regarded as the King of permanent magnets. Nowdays, the Neo magnet are under a very fast development and wide application, such as permanent magnet DC motors, hi-fi stero systems, magnetic separator, etc ...
  • SmCo Magnet (Samarium Cobalt Magnet) Permanent SmCo magnet is a powerful, rare earth magnet, which is mainly made of samarium, cobalt and iron. Although the material provides lower magnetic force than neodymium type, it has higher temperature ratings and higher coercivity. It is available in various simple shapes for users to choose from, like ring, block and disc ...