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Magnetic Assemblies

We is your ideal choice for magnetic assemblies. The magnetic assemblies include permanent magnetic lifter, magnetic filter, magnetic hooks, magnetic button, as well as other components such as steel housing or even non-magnetic components. By using of adhesive technology, these components are incorporated together. So, the selection of all components and adhesive is quite significant, depending greatly upon the application and environmental conditions. Our company can help you to select them. In addition to the selection process, we must attach high attention to the assembly process. As a meticulous and time consuming task, special care must be taken to ensure that all assembly procedures are performed correctly. As we all known, most of the steps are irreversible, so if anything goes wrong at a later stage, it may be impossible to make it right, thereby wasting materials and resources. Most of the critical magnetic assemblies are assembled in our clean room, avoiding any sort of contamination. Our company also offers a series of post-processing procedures like magnetizing after assembly, coating, field measurements, and so on.

When you come to us, we will become your one-stop source which aims at assisting our clients from design to finished assemblies. We do obtain all of the components on our own, but are also ready for performing assembly process with customer proprietary materials.

If you need our help, please don't hesitate to call us for off-the-shelf assemblies or any customized application and we will be willing to cooperate with you as per your requirements.

Permanent Magnetic Lifter
A range of 7 standard models made by us are available from PML-100 to PML-6000 and we also supply custom-made products. Our permanent magnetic lifter accomplishes the job efficiently and is very easy to operate. Nothing could be easier and safer than it. You just need attach this product onto the crane hook, lower it onto the workpiece, and lift the workpiece by turning the lever to the "ON" position. Then, through turning the lever to the "OFF" position, you can unload the workpeiece.

Compliant with EC council directive 98/37/EC, the 7 heavy-duty permanent magnetic lifters are ideal for offering maximum safety for a wide range of lifting applications and the weight is up to 6000Kgs. Thanks to the safety catch, this product cannot shut down automatically. It is commonly used on flat or round ferrous workpieces. It will be connected to transporting hoists or integrated as part of a load or unload system. In addition, you must keep it in your mind that the flexibility of this product is restricted only by your imagination.

Magnetic Filter
Our handy magnetic Filter makes clean-up a piece of cake. It is capable of picking up debris, small ferrous parts, metal shavings, chips, or just anything magnetic things. It is a real time saver for workshop and machines cleaning. This product is applied with stainless steel tubes where there are strong Neodymium magnets and handles which is made of black plastic. It is very easy to use and you only need to pull the plunger to release the held material. Our filters are available with the diameter ranging from 20 to 30mm and the length from 300 to 600 mm.

Magnetic Hooks
The magnetic hook is manufactured from NdFeB magnet or ferrite magnet. It can grasp almost anything you need to keep within easy reach, especially convenient for kitchen use. You can use one on the refrigerator for aprons, oven mitts or kitchen gadgets and may also use it to hang bags, dresses, and the like.

Magnetic Button
Our magnetic button is mainly applicable to jeans, handbags, garments, travel bags, luggage, belts, shoes, accessories as well as fittings, and many more. It comes in different sizes including 10mm, 18mm, and 14mm. This product is treated by white nickle, black nickle, bronze, gold, copper, brass, etc. Moreover, it is made from iron with ferrite magnets and iron with NdFeB magnets, enjoying a high popularity throughout the world.

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Other Products
  • Motor MagnetMost of them are classified as radially magnetized magnets.
    The product with special shapes can be manufactured through open moulding or clamping process, meeting the requirements of our customers.
    In most cases, it is used by DC motors.
  • Sensor MagnetSensor can be divided into many types, among which Hall/inductive sensor and magnetic sensor will utilize the magnetic products mainly containing aluminum, nickel, cobalt magnets, etc. The sensor magnet has a high demand on its induction instead of magnetism. It is generally magnetized through the thickness. As for the shape, it is basically cylinder shape.
    With the development of auto industry, more and more sensors began to adopt samarium cobalt or NdFeB magnet.