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Motor Magnet

Motor falls into DC motor, AC motor, linear motor, etc. Basically, most of the motors will make use of magnetic products mainly including NdFeB (neodymium iron boron), samarium cobalt (Smco), as well as ferrite.

Our motor magnets come with three features which are listed below.
1. Most of them are classified as radially magnetized magnets.
2. The product with special shapes can be manufactured through open moulding or clamping process, meeting the requirements of our customers.
3. In most cases, it is used by DC motors.

According to different functions, the motor magnet is grouped into two types which are rotor type and stator type. It comes in many shapes such as tile-shaped, fan-shaped, bread-shaped, and circular ring-shaped, and so on. Furthermore, our company also can produce this product with special shapes as per clients' requirements.

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Other Products
  • Sensor MagnetSensor can be divided into many types, among which Hall/inductive sensor and magnetic sensor will utilize the magnetic products mainly containing aluminum, nickel, cobalt magnets, etc. The sensor magnet has a high demand on its induction instead of magnetism. It is generally magnetized through the thickness. As for the shape, it is basically cylinder shape.
    With the development of auto industry, more and more sensors began to adopt samarium cobalt or NdFeB magnet.
  • Speaker MagnetThe speaker magnet basically adopts iron oxides. Our company is capable of supplying iron oxides whose diameters range from 32mm to 340mm. To ensure the perfect sound of speaker, the iron oxides with superior magnetic performance should be selected and they commonly don't need to be magnetized.
    Currently, the speaker is becoming smaller and smaller, so some speakers also began to utilize the neodymium iron boron magnet which comes in two shapes including disc and ring.