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Aluminum Nickel Cobalt Magnet

Alnico magnet is a type of permanent magnet mainly composed of aluminum, nickel and cobalt. It also contains a small amount of copper, and sometimes titanium. With high coercivity and magnetic force, the material is extensively used in applications including electric motors, electric guitar pickups, microphones, sensors, loudspeakers, and more.

Cast Alnico
This material is manufactured by pouring the molten alnico alloy into a mold. After solidification, it undergoes rough grinding, heat treatment and cooling processes. The material is anisotropic when it is treated in a magnetic field. This results in the material taking on maximum magnetization and allows a higher gauss level. When not treated in a magnetic field, the alnico is isotropic. The material can be ground to specific tolerances and magnetized after heat treatment and cooling.

With size parameters ranging from 1 ounce to about 70 pounds, this alnico can be cast into various shapes and sizes.

Sintered Alnico
This material is produced from a powdered mixture of ingredients. The mixture is pressed into a die under tons of pressure, sintered in a hydrogen atmosphere and then cooled. The material is anisotropic when cooled in the presence of a magnetic field, otherwise, it is isotropic.

The sintered alnico is mechanically strongest. With size parameters ranging from about one ounce to one cubic inch, the material can be pressed to a very close tolerance and requires minimal grinding.

Common Attributes between Both Cast Alnico and Sintered Alnico
These materials have good temperature stability, so they are suitable for high heat applications. In fact, their maximum working temperatures are from 975 to 1020℉.
These materials can be ground to the required size.
Unlike ceramic material, they are high residual induction and energy products.
5 and 8 are most commonly used grades of cast alnico.

Our tolerances on material meet and always exceed applicable industrial standards.

Magnetizing and Handling
Please ensure the magnetizing is carried out only after aluminum nickel cobalt magnet has been machined to the required tolerance. Being brittle, the material is prone to chipping or breaking when dropped on a hard surface, so please handle it with extreme care. In addition, the improperly stored magnet may lose power due to its low demagnetization resistance. Therefore, customers had better store magnetized alnico so that pieces are attracting each other, or with a steel keeper.

Hard and brittle, aluminum nickel cobalt magnet materials require special machining methods. With experienced machinists and the proper equipment, our company can well perform any alnico machining tasks.

As a professional aluminum nickel cobalt magnet manufacturer based in China, we provide not only alnico magnet, but also permanent NdFeB magnet, permanent ferrite magnet, SmCo magnet (samarium cobalt magnet), and more.

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